Design Excels Youth-Run, Non-Profit Organization

ACCESS is a non-profit organization I started 6 years ago as a high school student. As an organization, we have acknowledged how significant it is to have well-designed materials and identifiable branding.

From early on we had a website that has been constantly improving, and receive many comments about its design (creating a pleasant experience for donors and supporters would result in more support for the organization and increased likely hood to share). Having these materials designed from day one of our initial School Supply Drive in a suburban church foyer has helped ACCESS gain recognition and credibility, even as a smaller grassroots group.

Recently, ACCESS had a student designer through the Designer Combiner program of ArchiTEXT Inc, which gave us the opportunity to experiment, give direction and try several options without accumulating a massive bill (or any bill). A detailed article on the process and launch of the new logo is available at this link.

Design has been an asset as a grassroots, youth-run, non-profit group, especially in a field with so many new organizations sprouting up and expanding. The branding and design has helped us to receive grants with additional design standards for two of our major programs; Speak Up for Change and Youth Making a Difference.

Without consistent design work and branding, ACCESS would not have been able to grown nearly as fast, and may have had a much more challenging time in acquiring sponsorships, grants, and booking presentations at various schools and conferences.

Design will continue to play a key role in the success of ACCESS as we move on to new partnerships and funding opportunities.

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Daniel Francavilla

Daniel is a graduate of OCAD University's Graphic Design program. He is the founder of Now Creative Group, and is inspired to make positive change through design and youth organizations like ACCESS and Speak Up for Change. Follow him on Twitter @Francavilla and @NowCreates.

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