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Video of Designers, Non-Profit Professionals and Design Educators coming soon

Footage of designers, design educators and non-profit professionals is being produced into a short video aimed at awareness for Designing for Good and encouraging designers to use their skills for the greater good. Additionally, a series of clips from the individual interviews will be posted on this website.

Designing for Good Video Preview



03 2012

Designing for Good Project Inspiration

The topic of Designing for Good, which focuses on how graphic design can be used for social good, was based on my continued involvement in various non-profit organizations and initiatives.

The spark for all of this was an exposure trip to the developing world, which lead to the formation of ACCESS (a youth-run, non-profit organization focusing on education in developing nations, and inspiring youth activism locally).

This video was made by Kevin Saychareun to profile my involvement with ACCESS, touching on the effect design and being an OCAD University student has on it.



02 2012