The following are various resources relating to the overall concept of designing for social good and design for non-profits and causes. This is an ongoing list which will be updated.


  • “Rescuing the Poor, by Design” New York Times
  • “Design Thinking for Social Change” Design Edge Magazine
  • “Debate: Is Cause Related Marketing Worth it?”
  • “A Framework for Sustainable Marketing” Ross Gordon et al.
  • “Doing Well by Doing Good”: The Grand Illusion by Aneel Karnani
  • “Good marketing for good causes” by Elefint Designs
  • “The Marketization of Poverty” by Anke Schwittay
  • “Design for the Public Good” by Rebecca Bedrossian, Communication Arts
  • “Why Good Causes Need Great Design” by Matt Scharpnick, Stanford Social Innovation Review
  • “Guns, Butter and Ballots. Citizens take charge by designing for better government” by John Emerson, Communication Arts
  • “Cause and Effect: Why now, more than ever, the nonprofit world needs design and vice versa” by DK Holland, Communication Arts

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