The concept for the Designing for Good Centre is a physical studio location in which designers, agencies and design students would take on projects for non-profits, community groups and small initiatives for social good. While not yet a physical space, the centre – currently virtual – houses and produces the major components of Designing for Good:

  1. Design Studio – a collaborative designs studio working together with non-profits and designers, which has produced a completed project for a Toronto-based community organization
  2. Resource Centre + Documentary – available in a limited capacity through resource links and interviews, as well as the home of various video interviews including a mini-documentary on designing for good
  3. Community – collaboration between community groups, non-profit organizations and designers; partially sampled in online interviews

Currently interior renderings of the Designing for Good Centre have been designed (example below).

More designs and information on the Designing for Good Centre will be available in the future.

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