Non-Profit Sector and Designers Agree: The Power of Design for Social Good

What does the non-profit sector and the design industry say about the power of design for social good?

“Non-profiits share different messages and their brands have a unique appeal. Also, access to quality design work is continually empowering smaller organizations.”

– Trevor Gair, Co-Founder, SoJo

“Design is critical in helping to communicate their purpose, and more importantly, how the purpose is driving motivators within the organizations itself. Social concious transcends many elements of a marketing, communication and organizational culture.”

– James Temple, Director, Corporate Responsibility, PwC

“Non-profits are often tight for money, especially in the early days before becoming financially sustainable. The result is usually a branding system (or lack thereof) that is produced hurriedly with little to no budget. This type of design usually misses the mark, not doing justice to the organization. For example: a cliche logo or a visually unpolished grant proposal that prevents the organization from receiving thousands of dollars of potential funding.”

Jay Wall, BDes, Graphic Designer

What about challenges affording design costs?

“Good branding and design don’t have to cost a lot of money. The best ideas are simple, tied to mission and easy to execute. I would argue that nonprofits, social enterprises and grassroots initiatives are better positioned to design and execute brands that truly reflect their purpose and resonate with their target audiences than larger companies.”

Lee Rose, Editor,  and Co-Founder, MESH Network

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Daniel is a graduate of OCAD University's Graphic Design program. He is the founder of Now Creative Group, and is inspired to make positive change through design and youth organizations like ACCESS and Speak Up for Change. Follow him on Twitter @Francavilla and @NowCreates.

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