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Sustainability and Design Resources

AIGA Center for Sustainable Design

Dedicated to providing designers with a wide range of information regarding sustainable business practice. Through case studies, interviews, resources and discourse, this site will encourage and support designers as they incorporate sustainable thinking into their professional lives.

The UK Design Council

The national strategic body for design. The UK Design Council believes that Good design can help integrate environmental sustainability into the creation of attractive products and services. It can help shift customers’ consumption and lifestyle aspirations as well as stimulate the market for sustainable offerings.

The Designers Accord

A coalition of designers, educators, researchers, engineers, business consultants, and corporations, who are working together to create positive environmental and social impact.

Design Can Change

An effort to bring together the world’s graphic design community to address the issues surrounding climate change. Take the Pledge!

Design by Nature

An Australian resource established to inspire, educate and empower Australian graphic designers to work towards more environmentally sustainable practices.


Helps to start the conversation on green graphic design by providing defintions, tips, and links to sustainable resources designers can use to make their work a little greener.

Organic Design Operatives

A diverse collective of creative people brought together through the common mission of reconnecting people with nature by design.

Spread The Word

Your design superpowers are a force for good. Changing the world is hard work, but when the benefits are so obvious and the need so crucial it’s hard not to answer the call. A sandbox for


05 2013

Social Good Design: Thoughts from RGD

Important messages have to compete with an almost limitless array of information. As consumers of all this information, we become increasingly skilled at filtering out seemingly irrelevant communication that could otherwise influence the way we think and act for the better.

Today’s graphic designers have an ever greater responsibility to visualize the significant issues facing our society and find new and powerful ways to incite change in the way we behave. When we approach these issues creatively, we can make a real difference in the world. Ultimately, it is time for us to apply our creativity to shift thinking toward alternative solutions to ethical issues that impact our lives and the world we live in.

The Association of Registered Graphic Designers (RGD) invites submissions of graphic design projects done under the theme of communication design for social good; work with the power to incite action and make meaningful change in the way we live our lives.


05 2013