Logo Design Process for a Local Civic Action Network

As an application of the Designing for Good project (an example of what the centre would develop), a logo was created for Scarborough Civic Action Network.

The Scarborough Civic Action Network (part of Agincourt Community Services Association), which has been operating actively for over a decade, was looking to develop a logo and defined visual identity for the first time.

The organization is a network of agencies, community groups, and individuals working to improve the quality of life of Scarborough’s diverse and growing population through civic action. They raise awareness and speak out on issues that matter to Scarborough residents as citizens of Toronto, Ontario and Canada.

SCAN was looking for a logo that reflects what they do and that appears interesting. Their coordinator (staff member) lead the process, and their Steering Committee provided feedback and direction along the way.

To begin work on this in a shorter timeframe, an Online Survey for the Steering Committee was conducted, to provide their answers and direction efficiently. Part of the research also came from both new and existing Key Informant Interviews.

In terms of visual style, the SCAN team requested something graphic and not solely typographical. Having a symbol was preferred over a wordmark-only solution.

There was debate and uncertainty in regards to the text or name used in the logo. One example for naming was the logo for the Greater Toronto CivicAction Alliance, which is a very large “CivicAction” with their full name as a sub-caption below it. However, others within the organization preferred the name “Scarborough” as the larger focus instead of “Civic Action”. Currently the organization can be referred to as both: “SCAN” or “Scarborough CAN”, which each work verbally and visually, however the meanings of them as words differ. When thinking about domain names for their upcoming website, the suggestion of ScarboroughCan.ca was decided upon as part of the survey. Another suggestion was to create a tagline or phrase to use as domain (for example: “ScarboroughTogether.com” or “ConnectingScarborough.ca”).

For colour, there had not been anything specifically defined or existing. One key note is that they would like to avoid using any of the political party colours (red, royal blue, green, orange). One suggestion was teal, or earth tones, from the SCAN team.

When it came to content and inspiration, a key note is that this organization focuses on larger issues, not solely civic engagement. Some of the key words and terms to consider include: Questions, Education, Network, Thought, Conversation, Ripple Effect, Communities Rising, Change, Bringing People Together. Several other non-profit organizations, governments and civic action-related organizations logos were reviewed and evaluated.

The Scarborough Civic action Network logo is a result of months of research and refinement of five concepts. The final version will be posted online shortly.

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